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Sunday October 18, 2020
Men 1 :  Neo vs HC Luxembourg 
Deprived of five regular players, Hockey Club Luxembourg travelled to Mechelen one week after a convincing victory against the Lynx.
With a reworked squad, Maxime Halflants' men started brightly against Neo, playing in a compact and united manner. Combining in small spaces with quick passes, practically every one of their actions caused the opposition serious danger.
After three minutes of play, Frédéric Ferrard scored with a nice deflection into the roof of the goal to make it 1-0. A few moments later, captain Laurent Nève, in a 5-star performance, slalomed through the whole defence and provoked a PC. Maxime Halflants, back on the field to make up for the numerous absences, converted the opportunity to make it 2-0.
The blue and white team then went wild and added five new goals in the space of twenty minutes! Christophe Maters made it 3-0 with a nice backhand. Then it was Milan Dans who scored his first goal of the afternoon by dribbling past the keeper before pushing the ball into the goal from an impossible angle! (0-4). Nacho Gomez-Acebo made his contribution by taking the ball back from the Neo's defence and shooting fast. (0-5). Before half-time, Fred Ferrard - certainly the man of the match - added two more goals for a famous hat-trick, first by diving for a clever deflection, and then by slamming the board violently with a powerful flat shot! (0-7)
The visitors continued their dominance after half time. Despite decent resistance from the opposition, the Luxembourgers perforated Neo's defence with scoops above the navy blue line. Milan Dans added to the score by swivelling and shooting with all his strength to bring his team's lead to eight goals! The Luxembourg star striker maintained his average of two goals per game since the beginning of the season: simply exceptional!
The HCL could control the match without taking too much risk now. Keeping the ball in the team, the team was now choosing its moments to attack. With 15 minutes to go, Lockdeep Singh showed that he still has some great strengths left in him and scored with a precise push. (0-9) Seven minutes later, Maxime Halflants dribbled in the circle and shot but his ball was wrongly stopped on the goal line : penalty stroke! The coach/player took the responsibility to make it 10-0. Finally, Fred Ferrard added the gloss to his fantastic match with a historic 'quadruple'! (0-11) Proof that at 45 years old, with courage and talent, one can still achieve great feats in a championship of this quality! Congratulations to him and the whole team for this second victory in a row!
The HCL has made an excellent start of the season. Next Sunday, Luxembourg will receive Keerbergen at home for a crucial match in the fight for the top of the rankings. The club is counting on the massive support of its loyal and friendly public to win another victory!
Maxime Halflants 


Sunday October 11, 2020.


Men 1 :  Lynx vs HC Luxembourg 


Golden Sunday for the HCL!

Two hundred kilometres away, our men's and women's teams inflicted the same rate on their opponents of the day: a crushing victory, without conceding a single goal!

Our men travelled to the suburbs of Brussels to cross swords with the Lynx club. Determined, they played an ultra offensive tactic by putting a high pressure on their opponent of the day. The strategy quickly paid off, as by half-time the blue and white team were already leading by three goals. Gratien Kangulumba opened the scoring with a sharp backhand in the 5th minute, followed by the inevitable Milan Dans who found the opponent's net twice, first with a subtle tip-in, then by dribbling the goalkeeper before pushing the ball into the empty goal. The hardest part was done after thirty five minutes of play.

The second act was to be a formality for Luxembourg. But it was not! In difficult playing conditions and against a tough and aggressive team, the events took an incredible turn. Within five minutes, the Luxembourgers were (undeservedly) given two yellow cards and even a red card for permanent expulsion! At 8 against 11, the visitors had to rely on their excellent goalkeeper who masterfully saved a penatly stroke to maintain the comfortable lead of his team!

After this period of hesitation, the Hockey Club du Luxembourg regained control of the game and scored twice more, with the same two players as in the first period! Kangulumba found the ceiling of the goal with a powerful sleep before Dans imitated him with a deflection on PC. (0-5)

Thanks to this victory, the HCL is back in the good positions of the rankings, before consolidating its position during a trip in a few days time to the Neo Club, currently last in the championship.


Maxime Halflants

 Sunday October 11, 2020.


Ladies 1 :  HC Luxembourg - Louvain-La-Neuve


Golden Sunday for the HCL!

Two hundred kilometres away, our men's and women's teams inflicted the same rate on their opponents of the day: a crushing victory, without conceding a single goal!

Our ladies continued their faultless pursuit of their championship. Impressive since the beginning of the season, the Luxemburgish players once again offered a marvellous and clearly superior hockey to their opponents of the day, namely Louvain-La-Neuve.

The perfect mix of experience and youth was still working perfectly on Sunday on the Konen field! While the strikers were having a great time in the Leuven circle, the local goalkeeper didn't touch a single ball in the first half! The opposite of Fenne (deflection on PC), Aoife (rebound from PC), Diane Krüger (powerful backhand in the side net) and Maude De Cooman (combination with Elisa) who all four comfortably protected their team from an unpleasant surprise.

After the break, the Luxemburgish players managed their lead perfectly by completely dominating the visitors, even allowing themselves to take their goalkeeper out to play with eleven players on the field! In the 42nd minute, Aoife (again) dribbled through the defence before lobbing the goalkeeper with a precise cop: Superb! At the end of the match, Romane Wilmotte made her weekly contribution by inflicting a nice "double" on Louvain-la-Neuve. On penalty stroke first, before adding to the score with a flat shot after a perfectly controlled free kick.

Our ladies are showing impressive results week after week, proving that they deserve to move up to the next division next year!


Sunday October 4, 2020.


Men 1 :  Stix vs HC Luxembourg 


The tension was palpable as the two teams made their entrance on the Stix field in Hasselt, Belgium.
And for good reason: the 22 protagonists were going to compete for a place at the top of the championship.
The historic first victory for the club from Luxembourg had been digested by now and HCL started the match with a bang.
Eager to continue their good form, the blue and white team put their opponents under pressure and quickly found the breakthrough via the talented Milan Dans. The Belgian striker reinforced his position as top scorer of the championship by taking a cross pass from Gratien Kangulumba (0-1).
By the quarter hour, the battle became more balanced. The Limburgers, through the interplay of their new Hispanic recruits, emerged out of their lethargy and proved that pole position in N3 was not at all solely down to luck.
In the 27th minute, taking advantage of a defensive mistake, Stix were able to equalise with a heavy strike on the side board (1-1).
The goal, against the run pf play, destabilized the visitors who then conceded two more goals just before the break (2-1 then 3-1).
The Grand Ducal club, who came out firing after the break, were showing every intention of coming back in the match. The young team's burst of pride was a joy to behold.
Showing strong mental resolve, they besieged the Stix goal for the whole of the second half, but, lacking experience, the Luxemburgish team was unable to break through the strong Limburg defence.
With 5 minutes to go, Pierre Tailleur gave the his teammates hope by hitting the net in a PC phase (3-2).
HCL tried everything to get a draw, but the last attempt by Milan Dans was snaffled by the Stix goalkeeper, who managed to keep the Grand Ducal team at bay.
Despite the disappointment of the defeat, the Luxemburgish team continues its progression in this exciting championship.
Next match: next Sunday, at home, against Zaid, from Brussels.


Sunday October 4, 2020.


Ladies 1 :  Ombrage vs HC Luxembourg 

The Luxembourgish team faced their Brussels-based rivals on the latter's home turf on Sunday.
With their minds on keeping their first place in the ranking, the Luxembourgish team were eager to keep up their performance at the start of the season.
The team found a better rhythm this week than in their last game, and were on target from the first minute of the game. Five minutes in, Jimena Perez scored the first goal of the match. The blue and white Luxembourg team controlled the first half of the game with ease, with the scoreboard reading 0-4 at half time.
Heather Yanusas, Maude De Cooman and Fenne Brekelmans all performed admirably throughout the game. The second half of the match was essentially a formality for the visiting team, with Hannah Eishen scoring their fifth goal. This was followed by a further two goals scored by Aoife Sheehan.
The team now proudly sits at the top of their division and seem untouchable from the beginning of the championship.
Congratulations to them, and let's hope it lasts!
Saturday October 17
U11 Girls : Jaguar - Luxembourg : 8-1
U16 Boys : Jaguar - Luxembourg : 0-1
U19 Boys : Huy - Luxembourg : 5-0 (forfeit)
Sunday October 18
Men (Belgian League) : Neo - Luxembourg : 0-11
Saturday October 10
U9 Boys : Huy - Luxembourg (match 1) : 1-2
U9 Boys : Huy - Luxembourg (match 2) : 1-0
U16 Girls : Waterloo Ducks - Luxembourg : 3-2
U16 Boys : Luxembourg - Léopold : 1-1
U19 Boys : Luxembourg - Verviers : 3-2
Sunday October 11
Men (Belgian League) : Lynx - Luxembourg : 0-5
Ladies (Open League) : Luxembourg - Louvain-La-Neuve : 7-0
Saturday October 3
U9 Girls : Hannut - Luxembourg : 3-2
U9 Boys : White Star - Luxembourg : 1-11
U11 Girls : Embourg - Luxembourg : 5-0
U12 Boys : Luxembourg - Léopold : 4-1
U12 Boys : Léopold - Luxembourg : 4-2
U16 Girls : Luxembourg - Huy : to be rescheduled
U16 Boys : Luxembourg - Ixelles : 1-2
U19 Boys : Luxembourg - Embourg : 3-5
Sunday October 4
Men (Belgian League) : Luxembourg - Zaid : 1-2
Ladies (Open League) : Embourg - Luxembourg : 0-5
Saturday September 26
U9 Girls : Luxembourg - Jaguar : to be rescheduled
U11 Girls : Luxembourg - Huy : 5-0
U12 Boys : Léopold - Luxembourg : 4-1
U16 Girls : Luxembourg - Huy : 2-1
U16 Boys : Louvain-La-Neuve - Luxembourg : 2-3
U19 Boys : Lara - Luxembourg : 5-0
Sunday September 27
Men (Belgian League) : Stix - Luxembourg : 3-2
Ladies (Open League) : Ombrage - Luxembourg : 0-7
Saturday September 19
U9 Girls : Luxembourg - Racing 2 : 7-1
U9 Boys : Luxembourg - Hannut : 6-5
U11 Girls : Namur - Luxembourg : 8-0
U12 Boys : Luxembourg - Louvain La Neuve : 12-2
U16 Girls : Luxembourg - La Rasante 2 : 4-1
U16 Boys : Primerose - Luxembourg : postponed
U19 Boys : Luxembourg - Orée 3 : 4-1
Sunday September 20
Men (Belgian League) : Luxembourg - Jaguar : 4-0
Ladies (Open League) : Luxembourg - La Rasante : 2-1
Saturday September 12
U9 Girls : Racing - Luxembourg : na
U11 Girls : Luxembourg - Jaguar : 5-5
U12 Boys : Jaguar - Luxembourg : 0-2
U14 Boys : Louvain-La-Neuve - Luxembourg : 1-1
U16 Boys : Luxembourg - Jaguar : 4-1
U19 Boys : Luxembourg - Huy : 3-7
Sunday September 13
Men (Belgian League) : Tournai - Luxembourg : 4-3
Ladies (Open League) : La Rasante - Luxembourg : 0-8
Saturday September 5
U9 Boys : Luxembourg - Huy : 3-3
U16 Girls : Luxembourg - Waterloo Ducks : 11-1
U16 Boys : Leopold - Luxembourg : 4-1
U19 Boys : Verviers - Luxembourg 3-0
Sunday September 6
Men (Belgian League) : Luxembourg - Taxandria : 1-1 

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