The Corporate League is played according to the normal FIH rules, with a couple of exceptions. Some of the rules have been adapted to ensure safety on the pitch, to cater for the effects of playing 7 a side and across pitch and finally to balance the differences in skill level, so the game remains enjoyable for beginners and experienced players. The following rules apply specificall to the Corporate League matches:

  • The matches are played across the pitch
  • Each team has 7 players including the goalie, every team MUST have a padded goal keeper (equipment is available upon request)
  • Each team must at all times have a minimum of 2 female players on the pitch.  If a team is missing a lady they must play with a players less (or two if both ladies are absent).  The minimum number of players that must present to start a match is 5.
  • Each match lasts 2 * 25 minutes with a 5 minute break
  • Each match is refereed by at least 1 umpire
  • Hitting is not permitted at any time - slap and sweep are accepted
  • All free hits need to travel 5m before the ball can enter the D

Advice to the umpires

  • The first priority is safety, so decisions should be lead by this
  • Be a bit more lenient towards beginners than experienced players
  • Be clear in your decisions, and follow these rules 

Advice to the players

  • The level of play and experience is mixed, keep that in mind at all times, people are there to enjoy the game
  • Shin pads, mouth guard and face masks for short corners are strongly advised
  • Accept decisions by the referees, they are there for you and many may not be over experienced
  • Keep it safe and fun


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