1. Senior membership

  • Leisure - €100 per person (Corporate League and/or Wednesday training)
  • Competition - €250 per person* (men's team in Belgium league - trainings and corporate league included)


2. Youth membership -  €250 per child*

* When joining only at the second part of the season (February) fees are reduced to €200

No refunds are given when a player cannot fullfil the season

Bank details:  Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat

BCEELULL  / LU25 0019 1006 3399 5000


I recognize and agree that neither Hockey Club Luxembourg nor any of its board members, trainers, coaches or volunteers (collectively “HCL”) can be held liable for any damages that may occur during the practice sessions, games, tournaments or any related activities (the “HCL Activities”).

I shall indemnify and hold harmless HCL, as well as any third party cooperating with HCL for any HCL Activities,  against all damages that I may cause or incur during the HCL Activities. I declare having sufficient third party liability insurance to cover such event. I consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary during the course of the HCL Activities. I also understand that HCL requires all players to have sufficient medical insurance covering their participation in the HCL Activities; I confirm that I checked that our medical insurance covers hockey. I confirm that I agree to my child participating in the HCL Activities. I also confirm that if for medical or disciplinary reasons my child has to return home I will promptly collect or arrange for my child to be collected. I understand that HCL has a zero tolerance policy with regard to bad language and lack of respect for coaches and other players. 

I understand that membership and participation in the HCL Activities can only be accepted upon receipt of the amount due and receipt of this registration form duly signed. I consent for the details on the form below to be held on the HCL database.

Please complete the youth membership form below: